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Dekron – Real Estate Devoloper

Our family office, based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2004.
The focus of the family office is to invest in German real estate and real estate developments.
As a landowner, in addition to selling the land plot, we also offer to support the entire development process or to carry out a partnership development with our land plot as a share.

Logistic Port Team

Jürgen Schlösser

Mr. Jürgen Schlösser
Mobile: +31 653 173330
Office: +31 20 658 6326
Email: j.schloesser@dekron.com
Website: www.dekron.com

Timo Volkers

Mr. Timo Volkers
Junior Real Estate Developer
Mobile: +31 630 035166
Office: +31 20 658 6326
Email: tvolkers@dekron.com
Website: www.dekron.com

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Development Plot Wilhelmshaven 
Excellent Location for Logistic, Transport and Truck-Stop near by Jade Weser Port – Wilhelmshaven


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Land Plot

Logisticport, 26340, Zetel, Niedersachsen, Germany


Logistic Port offers a strategic location for the safe and fast freight handling in connection to the Jade Weser Port.


This well connected and visible location can fulfill all requirements for a full service truck stop


The completion of the JadeWeserPort has led to a new range of opportunities in the transport branch.